French Automaton "The Monkey Bride and Groom",Possibly Vichy

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11" (28 cm.) A pair of paper mache monkeys are posed as a bride and groom walking arm in arm,each with glass inset eyes,painted monkey features,large ears,wide closed mouth with shaded muzzle,brunette hair,carton torso,wire upper arms,paper mache lower arms and legs. The bride is posed upon a three-wheeled tinplate base with mechanical movement,and supports the groom via her arm; he has hinged legs that move back and forth when movement activated. Each is wearing its original bride and groom costume. When wound,the wheeled base (hidden under gown) moves forward and in small arches as though the couple were walking down the aisle,and her head turns from side to side. Condition: generally excellent,mechanism functions. Comments: possibly Vichy,circa 1875. Value Points: most amusing and creatively-designed rare automaton in original condition.
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