French Bisque Bebe Gigoteur by Jules Steiner

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21" (53 cm.) Solid domed bisque head with round facial shape,blue glass enamel inset eyes,painted lashes,dark eyeliner,rose-blushed eye shadow,feathered brows,shaded nostrils,open mouth with shaded lips,two rows of tiny porcelain teeth,unpierced ears,blonde mohair fleecy wig,carton torso containing mechanism,kid-over-metal hinge upper legs,composition lower legs,papier-mache arms,antique baby costume. Condition: generally excellent,lower legs not original,mechanism functions well. Comments: Jules Steiner's deposed Bebe Gigoteur,circa 1880,when wound,the doll moves its head side to side,cries "mama" and kicks its legs in a baby-like fashion. Value Points: signature doll of that important French firm,the popular doll was made for nearly two decades with variations in material and style,this being a fine early and large example.
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