French Bisque Bebe Jumeau,Original Eye Mechanism,Fouquet & Douville,Original Chemise

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26" (66 cm.) Bisque socket head with distinctive inverted-Tcut-out at the back of her head to allow movement of the uniquely-made eyes in flirting or sleeping position, painted lashes, brush-stroked brows, shaded nostrils, open mouth, shaded and outlined lips, row of porcelain teeth, pierced ears, brunette human hair hand-tied wig over cork pate, French composition and wooden fully-jointed body. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Tete Jumeau Bte SGDG 12 (head). Comments; Emile Jumeau, circa 1892, with original eye system deposed by Fouquet & Douville in March, 1891; for a short period of time, Jumeau manufactured the unique head for this system (as related in The Jumeau Book by Theimer/Theriault, page 258). Few examples with the intact unique eyes are known to exist. Value Points: very rare and all original doll wears original Jumeau blue flowered chemise dress and leather shoes signed "Paris Bebe Depose 12" with bee symbol.
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