French Bisque Bebe by Leon Casimir Bru in Extremely Rare Size 0, Signed Bru Shoes

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10" (25 cm.) Bisque swivel head on kid-edged bisque shoulderplate with modeled bosom and shoulderblades, very plump cheeks and chin, amber brown glass paperweight eyes, thick dark eyeliner, painted lashes, feathered brows, accented nostrils and eye corners, closed mouth with defined space between the outlined lips, hip-length blonde mohair wig over cork pate, French kid bebe body with gusset-jointing, curved kid upper arms, bisque hands. Condition: generally excellent, fine professional restoration to right thumb. Marks: (crescent symbol) Bru Jne 0 (head) Bru Jne 0 (shoulders). Comments: Leon Casimir Bru, circa 1882, his transitional model of circle dot and classic Bru Jne that appears to have been made during a single year period and is rarely found. Value Points: the rarity of the transitional model is accentuated by the most desirable tiny size, having most beautiful face with lovely bisque and painting, original soft elongated wig, very sturdy body and wearing a fine, frail but original silk bebe dress, along with undergarments, pretty bonnet and porcelain perfume bottle on chatelaine, the bebe wears her original leather shoes (one sole replaced) signed "Bru Jne Paris 0". Ex-Nikki Kvitka Collection.
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