French Bisque Bebe, Series A, by Jules Steiner

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22" (56 cm). Pressed bisque socket head with rounded facial modelling, blue glass paperweight inset eyes, dark eyeliner encircles the eyecut, painted lashes with "dot" highlights, rose blushed eyeshadow, brushstroked brows with fringed detail, accented eye corners, shaded nostrils, closed mouth with accented pale lips, pierced ears, dimpled chin, brunette mohair wig over Steiner cardboard pate, Steiner composition fully jointed body with straight wrists, wearing rose silk costume with lace trim, antique silk bonnet, stockings and black leather shoes with silk rosettes. Condition: generally excellent, roughness on upper left eye rim may be original. Marks: Sie A 4 (incised) J. Steiner Bourguoin (red stamp) (early Steiner black caduceus stamp on torso). Comments: Jules Steiner, circa 1885. Value Points: rarer model of Steiner bebe has wonderfully expressive features on plump childlike face, beautiful painting, original body with original finish.
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