French Bisque Bebe with Splendid Eyes by Gaultier Freres

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22" (56 cm.) Bisque socket head,large blue glass paperweight inset eyes of great depth,thick dark eyeliner,lushly-painted lashes,brush-stroked and multi-feathered brows,rose-blushed eye shadow,accented nostrils and eye corners,shaded nostrils,open mouth with two rows of tiny teeth,dimpled chin,pierced ears,dark brunette hand-tied human hair wig,French composition and wooden fully-jointed body,pretty antique costume,undergarments,socks,shoes. Condition: generally excellent,body is appropriately-sized and of the same era,albeit not original to head. Marks: 9 F.G. (in scroll). Comments: Gaultier Freres,circa 1888. Value Points: very beautiful bebe with splendid eyes enhanced by rich eye decoration,rare double row of tiny teeth.
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