French Bisque Brown-Eyed Bebe by Leon Casimir Bru, Signed Bru Shoes

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21" (53 cm.) Bisque swivel head on kid-edged bisque shoulderplate with modeled bosom and shoulderblades, amber brown glass paperweight inset eyes, dark eyeliner, very dark painted lashes, rose-blushed eyeshadow, brushstroked brows, accented eye corners, shaded nostrils, closed mouth with tiny tongue tip, outlined lips, pierced ears, brunette human hair hand-tied wig over cork pate, French kid bebe body with scalloped-edge collarette, Chevrot hinged hips, jointed arms, wooden lower legs, bisque lower arms. Condition: generally excellent, fine professional restoration to hands. Marks: Bru Jne 9 (head and shoulders). Comments: Leon Casimir Bru, circa 1888. Value Points: entrancing luminous amber brown eyes of great depth, finest bisque and complexion, sturdy body, beautiful antique gown, lace ruffled gown, undergarments, signed shoes "Bru Jne Paris 9".
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