French Bisque Double-Faced Bebe from Emile Jumeau Character Series

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18" (46 cm.) Bisque socket head with cardboard hood has an alternate face on either side, each face with blue glass eyes and painted features, one face depicting a laughing child with broad grin and row of porcelain teeth, the other a crying child with mouth modeled wide open, having sculpted tongue and upper row of teeth, brunette mohair wig, French composition and wooden fully-jointed body. Marks: 7. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Jumeau/SFBJ, circa 1900, depicting the art character models 203 and 211. Value Points: rare double-faced model has wonderfully expressive faces and fine quality of bisque, original body, and wearing fine antique dress and leather shoes signed "Bebe Jumeau Depose 7".
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