French Bisque Musical Automaton "The Chinese Tea Server" by Leopold Lambert

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19" (48 cm.) A bisque-head adult lady with heart-shaped face and amber-tinted complexion,narrow brown glass inset eyes,dark eyeliner,long painted brown lashes and thick brows,accented nostrils,closed mouth with very full lips,pierced ears,black mohair wig in upswept fashion over cork pate,slender carton torso and legs,wire upper arms,amber-tinted bisque forearms,is posed upon a velvet covered platform,holding a wooden tea set,wearing fine silk and brocade traditional costume. When wound,the lady elegantly turns her head side to side,then inclines her head as though offering tea; she then lifts the tea pot and,in a refined and gracious manner,"pours" the tea and extends tray as though serving. Music plays throughout. Condition: generally excellent,mechanism and music function well. Marks: (original tune label "Carmen" on underside) L. Lambert Fabricant Objets Automatiques Articles Riche 13 Rue Portefoin (original gilt lettered red paper label on underside). Comments: Leopold Lambert,circa 1888,with bisque head commissioned from Jumeau and sculpted exclusively for this luxury automaton model. Value Points: rare model with superb facial model,lovely bisque,very refined movements,and with very rare original Lambert paper label.
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