French Bisque Poupee with Kid-over-Wooden Body by Blampoix

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17" (43 cm.) Pale bisque shoulder head with plump facial modeling,cobalt blue glass inset eyes,delicately painted lashes and brows,accented nostrils of upturned nose,closed mouth with pale accented lips,unpierced ears,brunette mohair wig over cork pate,French kid-over-wooden body with swivel waist and extra pivot at upper thighs,dowel jointing at shoulders,hips and knees,bisque arms to above the elbows,(costume included). Condition: generally excellent,restoration to right hand. Marks: B 4 S. Comments: Blampoix,circa 1860. Value Points: rare wooden body style with extra articulations and bisque arms,lovely face with delicate bisque.
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