A French Doll's Schoolroom with Nine Bisque Dolls and Furnishings from Exhibition at the Famed Musee de la Poupee in Paris

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14" (36 cm.) An early 1900s French schoolroom with dolls, furnishings and accessories is presented, comprising nine bisque head dolls including the 16" teacher (SFBJ model 25), and eight students. One 14" student is marked "Dep", one 15" is SFBJ model 233, and six other 14" students represent various other character models from SFBJ art series, including models, 233, 238, 247, and 252. The dolls are each costumed in vintage school wear and are presented in a well-fitted school room, including wooden desks with attached benches and hinged lids, extra chairs, blackboard on easel, teacher's desk, and along with various school room accessories including books, bell, abacus, baskets, coat rack, and such. Condition: Three of the students (models 233, 247, and 252, see separate photos) and the teacher are in excellent condition; the remaining five dolls have various small condition issues such as chip low on neck, socks or body wear; the ensemble is sold as is. Comments: French, early 1900s. The ensemble was a popular feature in the Musee de la Poupee in Paris for many years and is being sold here intact as it was shown there. Value Points: delightful characterized vignette of early 1900 childhood.
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