French Luxury Pull-Toy "Little Girl with Dog Cart"

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23" (58 cm.) overall length. 10"h. doll. 16" overall h. Arranged upon a wheeled wooden base decorated with fancy papers and gilt paper edging is a wooden dog cart with spoked wheels, original red and gold finish, upon which is seated a bisque head doll with blue glass eyes, open mouth, four porcelain teeth, blonde mohair wig, wooden hands and legs, painted stockings, wearing aqua silk dress with lace trim and matching bonnet, marked S&H 1010. The cart is being pulled by a paper mache dog fleecy mohair coat, amber glass eyes, open mouth, red saddle and collar. When pulled along, the doll raises and lowers her arms as though urging the dog along. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: for the French market, circa 1890. Value Points: wonderful luxury toy in well-preserved condition.
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