French Mechanical Bisque 'Girl Pulling Her Sister

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14" overall length. 11" standing doll. A bisque doll with blue glass eyes, mohair lashes, painted lower lashes, brushstroked and feathered brows, accented nostrils, open mouth, four porcelain teeth, pierced ears, blonde mohair wig, carton torso contain clockwork mechanism, wire upper arms and legs, composition lower arms and legs, is standing in front of a wooden cart with iron spoked wheels; seated on the cart is another bisque headed doll. CONDITION: Generally excellent. MARKS: 1079 Halbig S&H (standing doll). COMMENTS: Roullet et Decamps, circa 1900. When wound, the standing girl slowly moves her feet up and down as though walking and pulls along the cart. VALUE POINTS: Original unplayed with condition, the dolls wears original costume (silk frail on front of one dress) including bonnets, shoes, wigs.
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