French Mechanical Musical Automaton "Polichinelle with Cymbals" by Leopold Lambert with Original Paris Store Label

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19" (48 cm.) Standing upon a velvet covered wooden base is a bisque headed doll with large blue glass eyes, mohair and painted lashes, open mouth, four porcelain teeth, blonde mohair fleecy wig, pierced ears, carton torso and legs, characteristic Polichinelle humps at front and back torso, wire upper arms, bisque forearms with beautifully sculpted fingers. When wound, the figure nods head from side to side and forward while simultaneously clapping the cymbals, and music plays. Condition: generally excellent, mechanism and music function well. Marks: 1300-6 Dep SH (doll) LB (key).Jouets, Cotillion/ Nadaud/ 32 Rue du 4 Septembre (label on underside). Comments: Leopold Lambert, circa 1895, a companion model featuring the traditional male Polichinelle was featured in the Lambert catalog, this being the rarer female model. Value Points: all-original condition with blue and gold Polichinelle costume decorated with lace and blue and silk ribbons, upturned clown shoes, clown hat, with paper label of Paris doll and toy store Nadaud on the underside.
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