French Mechanical Toy

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9" (23 cm) overall length. A wooden cart is woven with green and red decorated and braided wicker in a festive manner, with green painted base and red spoked metal wheels. The cart is pulled by a flocked paper mache donkey with black bead eyes, leather harness, and "nodding" head, and a bisque- headed girl with blue glass enamel inset eyes, painted lashes, accented nostrils and eye corners, closed mouth, blonde hair and original rose sateen dress with coiffe, apron and hank of wool, is seated on the cart bench. When keywound, the cart propels forward, the girl nods back and forth as though urging the donkey, and he "nods" his head. CONDITION: Generally excellent. MARKS: F.G. (in scroll) 2/0. COMMENTS: Circa 1890. VALUE POINTS: In pristine condition, functioning well, the rare and imaginative toy is preserved in its original box from the Paris department store Au Bon Marche.
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