French MecMhanical"Boy on Three-wheeled Velocipede" with Maker's Signature

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7" (18 cm.) l. 8"h. seated. A bisque-head boy with painted facial features and black short curly hair has a closed mouth,carton torso,wooden lower legs and arms,painted black high boots,and a black velvet costume with braid trim and matching cap,is seated upon a metal velocipede with three spoked wheels having original red and gold painted finish and ornately-arched details on the frame. When wound,the velocipede moves forward and in circles as the boy appears to pedal and turn the handle bar. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: F.V. Comments: mystery maker,French,circa 1860. Value Points: charming boy in appealing petite size that displays beautifully in a scene of French poupees.
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