French Musical Automaton "Banjo Player Seated on Chair Back" by Gustav Vichy

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22" (56 cm.) Seated on the top rung of a ladder-back chair is a black-complexioned papier-mache boy with most handsome face and strong features,brown glass eyes with movable lids,hinged lower lip with row of teeth,black wiry hair,carton torso with one hinged hip,wire upper arms,papier-mache hands,bare feet,wearing green silk satin jacket over gold shirt,silk striped short pants with peach silk sash and braided tie,straw hat with decorative cluster of berries,holding a wooden banjo in his arms. When wound,he turns his head in a nodding circular motion,opens and closes his eyes,opens and closes his mouth,strums the banjo and moves his right leg as though keeping time to the music. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Gustav Vichy,circa 1890. Value Points: rare automaton in perfectly-preserved condition with elaborate and realistic movements,beautiful music box,original costume,and most handsome features.
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