French Musical Automaton "The Juggling Clown" by Vichy

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30" (76 cm.) A clown with highly-characterized papier-mache head is seated upon a wooden stool with one foot outstretched as though for balance,and his right hand clasping a wooden stick upon which he is juggling a ball. He has painted white clown complexion and painted clown decorations including one diamond-edged eye and a rosy nose tip,brown glass eyes,articulated eyelids,open mouth with painted teeth,wiry two-color clown hair,and wears his original diamond-patterned silk clown costume over carton torso,papier-mache legs and lower arms. When wound,he nods his head in a circular motion,then turns to the left while gesturing with his left hand as though to draw the attention of onlookers. Then,turning to the right,he performs his juggling act,moving his right arm side-to-side while the ball appears to move up and down on the stick. Throughout music plays,his tongue moves in and out in a whimsical happy manner,and his eyelids blink. Condition: generally excellent,mechanism and music function well. Comments: Vichy,Paris,circa 1900. Value Points: its size and complex motions indicate its luxury production from the prestige Vichy works,in highly-desirable state of originality.
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