French Musical Automaton "Little Boy in Dunce Cap" by Vichy

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21" (53 cm.) including ears. 11"w. bench. Seated upon a wooden bench is a papier-mache boy with highly-characterized scowling expression,glass eyes,closed mouth modeled as though open with painted teeth,dark brown mohair wig,carton torso and legs in seated position with jointed left knee,bisque hands,wearing striped velvet pants,silk shirt,silk vest,handkerchief,knit shirt,knit striped stockings,and black laced shoes,and a dunce cap on his head. He is holding a book,and a basket labeled "John" is at his side. When wound,two tunes play and the movements begin: he turns his head from side-to-side as though reading his book,then gazes upward,lifting his arm as though to wipe away tears and finally covering his face in shame,while his dunce cap ears flap up and down and he taps the bench with his foot. Condition: generally excellent,music and motion function well. Comments: Vichy,circa 1900. Value Points: the amusing automaton,which appeared in the Vichy catalog as #467 "modele depose" played upon the popular French legend of "Jean qui pleure",a mischievous boy who was constantly in trouble.
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