French Musical Automaton "Little Girl with Her Toys" by Leopold Lambert

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15" (38 cm.) h. seated. 13" x 13" base. A bisque-head doll with brown glass eyes,mohair lashes,open mouth,four porcelain teeth,carton torso and lower legs,silk and lace dress with black velvet trim,is seated upon a wooden box stage with tapestry cover to appear as though it was a carpet. In her right hand she holds a ball and string toy,and scattered around the floor at her feet are a fur-covered white kitten,an all-bisque miniature doll,a jump rope,and a little basket. When wound,the doll turns her head from side-to-side,opening and closing her eyes and alternately lifting each hand,as though to tease the kitten with the ball and string; on occasion,she leans forward and kicks her foot up and down in delight,while the tune "Ta Ra Ra Buum" plays. Condition: generally excellent,silk dress has some frailness,mechanism and music function well. Marks: SH 1039 7 dep (doll head) L.B. (key) L.B (printed letterhead of tune label and pencil notated "Ta Ra Ra Buum" tune). Comments: Leopold Lambert,circa 1895,who deposed this actual model with its complicated movements and presentation with these words,"I placed a child on the floor and surrounded the child with toys. I took careful note of the movements made by the child and I have managed to imitate the entire range of these movements". Value Points: rare and delightful automaton with unexpectedly intricate and charming movements,rightfully considered by Lambert as a signature and important work of his firm.
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