French Musical Automaton "Little Girl with Polichinelle Puppet" by Renou

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16" (41 cm.) Standing upon a velvet-covered wooden base is a bisque-head doll with blue glass eyes, closed mouth, blonde mohair wig, carton torso and legs, bisque forearms, wearing original rose satin dress with ivory trim and matching bonnet, holding the string to a small bisque Polichinelle puppet in one hand along with his arm which she realizes has broken from her favorite toy which lies desolate on the floor below. Seeking to rescue the toy, she raises her left arm and Polichinelle slightly raises but then falls again when her arm lowers. She bows her head, and lifts the hankie to her eyes three times, as though to wipe away tears; all the while music plays. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: 1 (doll). Comments: Louis Renou, Paris, circa 1900 with Jumeau bisque head. Value Points: charming toy captures a classic childhood scene.
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