French Musical Automaton "Marquise with Surprise Basket" by Gustav Vichy

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24" (61 cm.) Posed standing upon a velvet-covered platform is a bisque doll with portrait face, brown glass paperweight eyes, closed mouth, blonde mohair wig, her body with modeled bosom and carton torso and legs, bisque forearm, wearing an elaborate gold and ivory silk gown with hand painted decorations, velvet jacket, trimmed with decorative lace and tassels, wooden shoes with velvet tops. She appears to be holding a fancy wicker basket which is actually attached to the side of her torso by a hidden metal rod; a feathered bird hides under the basket lid, and when wound, the lady turns her head from side to side, and nods in a circular motion, then offers a little flower to the bird; the basket lid opens and the bird bobs its head up and down and "chirps". Condition: professional restoration on cheeks and back of head, music and mechanism function well. Comments: Gustav Vichy, France, circa 1885. Value Points: the beautiful automaton with elegant presentation has six charming movements and two tunes, as indicated by original paper tune label on underside.
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