French Musical Automaton "Organ Grinder with Dancing Doll" Gustav Vichy, Medallion

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23" (58 cm.) Standing upon a velvet-covered wooden platform is a bisque-head man with highly-characterized distinctive sculpting, brown glass eyes, closed mouth with two rows of sculpted teeth, outlined lips, sculpted moustache, painted lashes and brows, brunette mohair wig, carton torso and legs, metal hands, wearing rich red and pale aqua silk costume with feathered hat. The man stands behind a finely-made cabinet-model wooden organ with stenciled gold outlines and yellow curtains upon which is posed a small china doll in silk costume. When wound, the organ grinder turns his head side-to-side and in a nodding circular motion, turns the organ wheel with his right arm in a complicated manner as though flexing his arm muscles; while he turns the organ wheel the doll dances about and music plays. Condition: generally excellent, music and motion function well. Marks: G. Vichy Fils Paris (stamp on clockwork motor) Au Paradis des Enfants (original brass medallion on base). Comments: Gustav Vichy, circa 1875, presented by the prestige Parisian toy store, Au Paradis des Enfants. Value Points: the unique and extraordinary facial sculpting was used for this model only; its rarity is testified to by the few models that are known to exist today, and its luxury status by the prestige store medallion.
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