French Terra Cotta Soldier with Accessories Depicting Soldier Going to The WWI Front

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13" (33 cm.) Terra cotta head with painted facial features, moustache and hair, armature wrapped body, terra cotta hands, posed on original wooden stand wearing blue/gray woolen double-breasted overcoat with flap pockets over woolen shirt, silver buttons, red trim, leather belt with ammunition pouches, blue woolen trousers with brown leggings, laced boots, metal helmet, and carrying twill sack, bed roll, wooden clogs, cooking pot, valise, canteen and wooden rifle. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: from an exhibition mounted at the Musee de la Guerre in Vincennes France in 1935, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the beginning of WWI; an article about the soldiers appeared in the French magazine L'Illustration in 1934. Value Points: important historical figure with extraordinary detail of costuming.
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