French Wax-Over Paper Mache Musical Mechanical Gliding Lady

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15" (38 cm.) Standing upon her original wooden case which encloses the music box and mechanism,is a wax-over-paper mache lady with blue enamel eyes,painted features including tiny painted teeth between the accented lips of closed mouth,brunette mohair wig,shapely carton torso and legs,wire upper arms,paper mache hands. When wound,the doll glides forward and around,her head nods slightly and she strums her mandolin,while music plays. Condition: mechanism and music function well,the doll is all-original with some typical light rubs on face and minor costume fabric wear. Comments: Theroude,circa 1840. Value Points: among the earliest examples of the gliding lady,this example with all original working parts,wonderful quality of music box,and wearing an outstanding silk costume with exquisite applique gilt paper mounts and very fine early lace sleeve,with a coronet of glass pearl beads ornamenting the fitted matching silk cap,and fine wooden mandolin with hand-painted floral border.
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