German All-Bisque Black Stocking Doll by Simon and Halbig in Presentation for the French Market

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5 1/2" (14 cm.) doll. 13"l. box. Presented within a fancy box with silk edging and gilt-scrolled lid design, enclosing a lithograph of child holding a white kitten, is an elaborate arrangement of all-bisque mignonette and trousseau; the mignonette with swivel head, brown glass eyes, slightly parted lips, row of porcelain teeth, auburn mohair wig, peg-jointed bisque arms and legs, black stockings to above the knees, brown one-strap shoes; and the trousseau comprising two additional rose silk dresses, matching cap, purse, bonnets, and with various accessories including soap, perfume bottle, jump rope, scissors, sachet, brush, comb, and more. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Simon and Halbig, circa 1890, for the French market. Value Points: beautifully detailed and preserved presentation in elegant box.
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