German Bisque Bye-Lo Baby with Three Tiny All-Bisque Bye-lo Babies

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9" (23 cm.) Solid domed bisque head with flanged neck, lightly-tinted baby hair and brows, blue glass sleep eyes, painted lashes, closed mouth with downcast lips, original muslin baby body and celluloid hands, wearing original muslin gown and with blue celluloid pin "Bye-lo Baby, K&K". Condition: generally excellent. Marks: copr. by Grace S. Putnam, made in Germany (cloth bodied). 4886 (4998, 4999, model numbers incised on all-bisque models). Comments: Bye-Lo Baby, designed by Grace Putnam, produced in Germany under commission from the New York firm of George Borgfeldt, circa 1925. Value Points: rare petite size of the cloth-bodied model; the three all-bisque babes are in wonderful variation poses, one with original paper label.
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