German Bisque Character, 7745, by Gebruder Heubach

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17" (43 cm). Pink-tinted bisque socket head with solid dome, sculpted boyish hair with deeply defined forelock and back of neck curls, prominent "stuck-out" ears, intaglio eyes in narrow shape with large black pupils, white eyedots, black eyeliner, short feathered brows, accented nostrils and eye corners, closed mouth with modelled space between the shaded lips, laughing expression, two beaded lower teeth, impressed dimples at lip corners and chin, composition and wooden ball-jointed body, well costumed. CONDITION: Generally excellent, original body finish. MARKS: Heubach (sunburst mark) 7745 Germany. COMMENTS: Gebruder Heubach, circa 1912. VALUE POINTS: Rarer model with wonderful expression, superb detail of modelling includes baby fat rolls at back of neck.
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