German Bisque Child Doll, 1279, Simon and Halbig, Very Deep Dimples, Steiff Pull-toy Dog

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20" (51 cm.) Bisque socket head, blue glass sleep eyes, dark eyeliner, painted dark curly lashes, brushstroked brows, accented nostrils, open mouth, outlined lips, two porcelain upper teeth, pierced ears, deeply-impressed cheek and chin dimples, brunette human hair, composition and wooden ball-jointed body, antique linen sailor costume. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: S&H 1279 Germany 10. Comments: Simon and Halbig, circa 1900. Value Points: especially fine modeling of dimples, fine matte bisque, great antique costume, included is Steiff mohair terrier posed on original cast iron frame with red wooden wheels.
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