German Bisque Flapper, 117n, Allette, Kammer and Reinhardt, Trousseau and Provenance

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15" (39 cm.) Bisque socket head, blue glass sleep and "flirty" eyes, painted lashes, brush-stroked brows with feathering, open mouth, shaded lips, four porcelain teeth, brunette bobbed wig, composition and wooden flapper-style body with side-hip jointing, lower legs jointed above the knees. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: K*R Simon & Halbig 117n 39. Comments: Kammer and Reinhardt, circa 1914. Value Points: fine unplayed with condition, included is an extensive trousseau of handmade costumes, along with a note that the doll's name is Allette, and she was originally owned by Little Harriet (Harriet Williams Wheeler) of Newburgh, New York who made the costumes for the doll when she was eight years old.
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