German Bisque Lady with Sculpted Fancy Hair as Autoperipatetikous

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10" (25 cm.) Bisque shoulder head with sculpted blonde hair waved from face and captured into a green snood with purple lustre and feathered edge, painted blue eyes, red and brown upper eyeliner, accented nostrils, closed mouth, carton torso and skirt which contains clockwork mechanism, brass feet; when wound, the lady walks forward. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Patented July 15th, 1862; also in Europe 20 Dec. 1862. (imprinted on bottom of cardboard skirt). Comments: Autoperipatetikous, circa 1865, the patented walking model utilized several different heads including this German bisque model. Value Points: exquisite sculpting and painting of the early model, original mechanical walking body, antique lace and silk dress.
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