German Bisque Lady with Sculpted Hair Flower and Bodice,Original Costume

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14" (36 cm.) Bisque shoulder head with sculpted pale blonde hair waved away from her face,with ringlet curls forming behind each pierced ear and shorter ringlet curls at the back held by a sculpted large decorative comb,a single large rose and leaves at her center crown,painted pale blue eyes with pronounced black pupils,red and black upper eyeliner,aquiline nose and eye corners,closed mouth with center accent line,sculpted bodice with definition of lace and ruffles,blue bow,muslin stitch-jointed body,bisque lower limbs,painted fancy mauve ankle boots with green ribbons. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany,circa 1870. Value Points: rarity factors include coiffure,rose,molded bodice,and wearing her original muslin gown decorated with lace and appliqued paper stars; ex-collection Legoland Museum of Antique Dolls.
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