German Bisque Toddler,1295,by Franz Schmidt in Rare Large Size with History

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31" (79 cm.) h. 18" head circ. Bisque socket head,blue glass sleep eyes,thick dark eyeliner,painted lashes,brush-stroked brows with fly-away detail,"breather" nostrils,open mouth,accented lips,two porcelain upper teeth,tongue,brunette flocked hair,composition and wooden toddler body with chubby torso,side-hip jointed toddler legs. Condition: generally excellent,body revarnished. Marks: 1295 F.S. & Co. Germany 65. Comments: Franz Schmidt,circa 1915,the doll was displayed in the window of a Barcelona toy shop until its early acquisition by Carole Jean Zvonar. Value Points: wonderful sculpting on the rare largest size of the 1295 model,superb bisque,original toddler body,and wearing antique sailor costume and cap,leather boots,stockings,with silver whistle.
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