German Cloth Character by Kathe Kruse with Costumes, Little Moravian Doll

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16" (41 cm.) All-cloth doll with pressed and oil-painted head, brown hair with defined curls around the forehead, small painted eyes, black upper eyeliner, closed mouth, blushed ears, stitch-jointed arms, disc-jointed legs, antique knit dress. Condition: good, original finish albeit very scuffed and age darkened. Marks: D 374 (foot). Comments: Kathe Kruse, series I, circa 1915. Value Points: included with the well-loved doll is a framed photograph of the original owner holding the doll, along with various played-with costumes, some handmade, for the doll, Sunbonnet quilt, and a (curiously, near mint) Moravian cloth stump doll with original costume with even tinier doll. 
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