German Cloth Character, Series I, by Kathe Kruse

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17" (43 cm). All cloth doll with pressed and painted facial features and hair, brown hair with soft swirls onto the forehead, sculpted ears with blushing, shaded green eyes with spiral threading, black and brown upper eyeliner, accented nostrils, closed mouth with pouty expression, stitch-jointed shoulders, disc- jointed legs with wide hips, separately stitched thumbs, antique costume. CONDITION: Very good, original painting with small rub on crown, some very early stitching repair on body. MARKS: Kathe Kruse 36572. COMMENTS: Kathe Kruse, series I, circa 1920, the doll has embroidered message on back torso "29 Feb 1924". VALUE POINTS: Most appealing expression on the rosy-cheeked boy; the doll retains fine lustrous original painting.
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