German Lithographed Tin Mechanical Toy "Maggie and Jiggs" by Einfalt

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5" (13 cm.) Lithographed tin figures of Maggie and Jiggs from the 1913 comic strip series of George McManus,are posed on tin wheeled platforms that are connected to each other by a flexible tin strip. Jiggs holds his cane and Maggie holds her rolling pin,while her little dog is at her side. When wound,the toy moves in eccentric ways,the tin strip offers "bounce" and gives the illusion of a rowdy fight between the two. Condition: generally excellent,functions well,lithograph is beautifully created and preserved. Comments: Germany,Einfalt,circa 1920s,an imaginative toy whose action complements the cartoon activities of the good-times Jiggs and his socially-proper wife Maggie.
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