German Paper Mache Doll in Antique Costume

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11" (28 cm). Paper mache shoulderhead doll has sculpted black hair arranged with little curls framing the face and a wide coiled braid framing the back of the head, painted facial features, turquoise eyes, black upper eyeliner, single stroke brows, aquiline nose, painted closed lips, kid body with tiny waist and slender upper limbs, left arm posed as though bent at elbow, wooden lower arms and legs, chip-defined fingers. CONDITION: Generally excellent. COMMENTS: Germany, circa 1850. VALUE POINTS: Original finish wonderfully preserved on the rare-coiffure doll, original body and fine antique costume including calico jacket, woolen skirt, homespun petticoat, black woolen stockings and hand- stitched black shoes, woolen cape and lace-edged coiffe.
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