German Porcelain Doll Head of Lady,Model 63,by KPM

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6"h.(15 cm.) Of fine white glazed porcelain,the shoulder head portrays an adult woman with oval- shaped face,strong elongated throat,defined throat hollow,slightly modeled bosom,light brown sculpted hair in center part arranged with four horizontally arranged curls that loop in front of each ear,allowing the back of ear lobe to peek out at the sides of head,and looping into five tightly coiled rows of braids at the back of the head,lightly tinted facial complexion with sculpted definition of eye sockets,aquiline nose,expressive mouth,painted facial features. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: (KPM blue crossed swords symbol,inside head) 63 lll (impressed inside head). Comments: Konigliche Porzellanmanufaktur Meissen,KPM,their model #63,1844. Value Points: very rare porcelain doll head with superb artistry of painting and sculpting.
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