German Porcelain Doll Known as "Nymphenburg Lady" in Original Tea Cozy Presentation

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17" (43 cm.) Elegant slender-faced model with aristocratic sculpting of nose and throat has grey sculpted hair waved from her face and arranged in softly-coiled curls, painted downcast eyes, on original muslin torso which is attached to a wire frame designed for use as tea cozy, original porcelain lower arms and hands with separately-sculpted fingers. The doll is wearing her original elaborate velvet and linen gown with rich metallic trim in the 17th century manner. Excellent condition. Germany, Koniglich-Bayerische Porcelain of Nymphenburg, the doll was introduced at the 1908 Munich Art Doll Exhibition in the category of "decoration dolls" and is considered a significant landmark in the fancies lineage.
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