German Porcelain Lady "Charlotte" with Wig, Jewelry and Fine Antique Costume

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21" (53 cm.) Solid domed porcelain shoulderhead with painted facial features, elongated throat unusual for this model, brunette human hair wig captured under woven snood, old kid body with shapely torso. Condition: generally excellent, body is charmingly too elongated for the doll, but the head and body have been together for many decades. Comments: Germany, circa 1875. Value Points: the doll wears a fine antique two piece muslin gown, undergarments, leather high boots, richly gold- plated brooch. The doll was shown by Estrid Faurholt in her Book of Dolls and Doll Houses (1967), named "Charlotte" and described as having "funny old boots, not as smart as might be expected from the rest of her costume". Ex-collection Legoland Museum of Antique Dolls and Toys.
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