German Porcelain lady with Dark Brown Hair by KPM Berlin

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17" (43 cm.) Porcelain shoulder head with oval-shaped face and very elongated throat,very pale untinted complexion,brown sculpted hair with loosely-formed braids drawn back and captured in a tightly-coiled braided chignon at the back,painted blue upper-glancing eyes in well-defined sockets with encircling red eyeliner,brown feathered brows,aquiline nose with slightly-upturned tip,closed mouth with very full lips,upturned lip corners,early muslin body with porcelain lower limbs,painted black ankle boots,wearing fine antique dotted Swiss muslin gown and undergarments. Condition: generally excellent,few typical paint rubs on hair. Marks: KPM (blue circle stamp inside shoulder plate). Comments: KPM Berlin,circa 1845. Value Points: the rare early model has exquisitely-sculpted hair and beautifully-sculpted features that are dramatized by her pale complexion,wonderful antique gown,ex-collection Margaret Hartshorn.
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