German Porcelain Lady Doll by KPM Berlin

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14" (36 cm.) Porcelain shoulder head with oval slender face and elongated strong throat,black sculpted hair forming into uniform ringlet curls over the ears,and a rolled chignon at the back,slightly-tinted complexion,blue upper-glancing eyes,red and black upper eyeliner,black single-stroke brows,aquiline nose with accented nostrils,closed mouth with tentative smile,early stitch-jointed both body with kid arms,wearing fine early pale green silk gown with lace and ribbon trim,gold brooch,undergarments,slippers. Condition: generally excellent,tiny repair at front corner sew hole,few rubs on brows. Marks: (KPM blue stamp). Comments: KPM Berlin,circa 1850. Value Points: elegant lady with rare coiffure,the ringlet curled style more commonly found without the back chignon,this being a rare variation. Ex-Margaret Hartshorn collection.
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