German Porcelain Lady Doll with Superb Coiffure and Costume by Kestner

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23" (58 cm.) Porcelain shoulder head of adult lady with perfectly oval face and elongated throat,pink-tined complexion,sculpted black hair with centerpart,her hair looped smoothly over her heads and captured into an extended braid that is coiled into a three-strand chignon decorated with a very large decorative hair comb,with large blue painted eyes,red and black upper eyeliner,single stroke black brows,aquiline nose with accented nostrils,closed mouth with accent line between the lips,old muslin stitch-jointed body with old porcelain lower arms and legs,painted black shoes,nicely-shaped fingers. Condition: professional restoration on shoulder plate and neck,not extending into head. Comments: Kestner & Co,circa 1840,the model is shown in Identifying German Chinas by Mary Krombholz,p. 23 and also appears in the Deutsches Spielzeugmeuseum of Sonnerberg. Value Points: very beautiful early lady doll with fabulous coiffure,beautifully-painted features,antique body,and superb antique brown cotton dress with matching pantalets.
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