German Porcelain "Pierrette, Masked Dancer" Sculpted by Wera Von Bartels from Heubach

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11" (28 cm.) h. 11"w. The porcelain figurine of undecorated white porcelain with touches of blush on cheeks and body has black sculpted hair in topknot with curly tendrils onto her shoulders, her head turned shyly to the side with painted black mask and her hand clasped on her outstretched legs with crossed feet, sculpted costume of flared ruffled skirt, modeled bosom. Marks: 10395 (incised) Heubach (block letters, blue stamp and incised mark) Wera Bartels (incised on side). Excellent condition. Heubach, early 1900s, sculpted by Wera von Bartels, the German Impressionist sculptor (1886-1922) whose works mainly centered on bronze animals, this being a superb and rare departure.
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