German Porcelain Poupee with Swivel Head and Original Signed Body by Rohmer

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17" (43 cm.) Porcelain swivel head with flat-cut neck on matching porcelain shoulderplate, plump face, painted large blue-shaded eyes with black pupils, thick black upper eyeliner, painted all-around lashes, accent dots at eye corners and nostrils, closed mouth with center accent line, unpierced ears, brunette mohair wig over cork pate, original hair-stuffed kid body with gusset-jointing at hips and knees, kid-over-wooden upper arms, porcelain arms to above the elbows. Condition: generally excellent, excellent professional restoration of hands. Marks: Rohmer (original stamp on front torso). Comments: Leontine Rohmer, circa 1857. Value Points: rare early model with distinctive neck swivel, signed body, painted eyes, beautiful antique costume.
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