German Porcelain Vignette "Courting Scene in the Music Room" by Dressel & Kister

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10" (25 cm.) h. 8 1/2"w. Arranged upon a porcelain floor is an elegantly shaped harp and music stand behind which sits an 18th-century woman with sculpted hair and beautifully-painted costume, her left hand appearing to turn the page of the music sheet, and her right hand being held by the handsome gentleman leaning on the back of her chair, he with sculpted periwig tied with black bow and superb formal costume with painted detail to simulate embroidery. Marks: (blue bishop staff mark). Excellent condition. Germany, Dressel & Kister, circa 1900, the elegance of the costumes is enhanced by sculpted detail of the accessory pieces including cherub head on harp, winged lady as music stand pedestal, and winged angels forming the four feet of the platform.
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