German Wax Creche Figure with Wooden Articulated Body

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13" (33 cm.) Having a sculpted wax head of adult man with angular features,inset enamel eyes,aquiline nose,closed mouth modeled as though open with sculpted teeth,blushed cheek detail. His hair,brows,moustache and beard are also sculpted wax with comb-marked detail,and he has a wooden fully-articulated body with expressive wooden hands and painted stockings and shoes. Representing a priest,he wears a handwoven lace under-robe above a red woolen skirt,and a rich gilt-thread tunic whose red velvet breastplate is overlaid with gold sequins. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany,early 19th century. Value Points: very handsome figure with angular well-groomed features,fully-articulated wooden body.
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