German Wooden Apothecary Shop with Architectural Facade, Possibly Hacker

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28" (71 cm.) 17" x 18". A wooden-framed apothecary shop has a painted faux-brick red exterior with large shop windows and door framed in wooden block "stones" that are painted dark green to match the base and roof line. Decorative green-painted wooden columns with gold accents are affixed to the front, and the paneled front door is natural wood. The front hinges open at the center, and the front door with cast brass handle opens separately, if desired. The interior is painted its original green with dark green and red stripes at the ceiling line. The shop windows are deep cabinets that are accessed by sliding-glass from the top. A wooden cabinet with 24 drawers that center a mirrored set-back display niche, and eight lower cabinet doors line the back wall. There are two attached wooden shelves on the sides and a wooden bin with open compartments. The floor is a rich inlay design of various woods in an intricate design. The shop is fitted with a vast array of apothecary bottles in amber and clear glass, many with original labels in old German language, along with numerous cardboard boxes with handwritten labels, and various glass beakers and funnels, cast brass mortar and pestles. A wooden counter has an attached cast brass scale, and an early carton gentleman with painted features and original costume stands in attendance. Original finish is well-preserved; overall excellent with some few very minor wood repairs on the interior cabinet. Germany, mid-19th century, in the early Christian Hacker style.
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