German Wooden Grocery Store with Art Nouveau Designs by Christian Hacker

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28" (71 cm.) x 13" x 12". The wooden-framed shop has coral-painted exterior and brown stained interior woods to simulate mahogany, accented with red, black and gold stenciled Art Nouveau designs. The side walls are papered and the floor has original lithographed paper to simulate tile, the back wall has fitted cabinets and a long counter. A center mirrored display niche is flanked by two sets of six spice and condiment drawers and tall cupboards, surmounted by a railing for display of further goods on the cupboard tops. The drawers have classic Hacker silver scroll labels and wooden knobs, and there is a matching counter. A wooden and brass scale and a brass stemmed lamp with petal shaped shade is included. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1890, a duplicate of the store in shown in Kohler's book, Christian Hacker. The decorations, particularly on counter and back cabinet base are superbly-preserved and fanciful, and all drawers have original labels, including some rarely found such as "sussholz" (licorice) and "Nelken" (cloves).
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