Grand German Wooden Mannequin Man with Exceptional Ottoman Costume

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38" (97 cm.) All-wooden doll with swivel head, deeply-combmarked painted brown hair and moustache, well-defined facial features including eye sockets, strong nose, detailed ears, painted brown eyes, fully-articulated wooden body with dowel-construction at shoulders, elbows, wrists, hip, knees and ankles, and with ball-swivel waist. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: mid-1800s, the mannequin figures were shown in German wholesale catalogs for many decades, although artistic facial and hair renderings such as this doll exhibits were likely the commissioned workmanship of individual artists; an old shipping tag on this doll indicates it was shipped to the Merritt Museum from Paris many decades ago. Value Points: exceptional artistry of the model includes not only the head, but also the posing of fingers; he is wearing an extraordinary antique costume of the Ottoman Empire including extensive accessories. Ex-Collection Mary Merritt Museum.
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